Cozzolino’s 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is outfitted with a comprehensive set of advanced woodworking machinery and a specialized finishing operation. Cozzolino’s team of 25 professional draftsmen, cabinet makers, veneer craftsmen, finishers, and installers is perfectly sized to tackle significantly large projects while still allowing Steven Cozzolino and our management team to personally manage and monitor each step of a project from the big picture to the last detail, from engineering design through installation. 

Our full suite of capabilities permit all fabrication to be performed in-house avoiding the problems and lack of control associated with subcontracting portions of a job to other millwork shops with their own priorities. To achieve ideal standards of excellence, every stage of the production process is handled with care, expertise and meticulous quality control. 

Cozzolino has a deep seated respect for the tradition of crafting furniture the old fashioned way while maintaining an equal respect for the constantly evolving technologies, machinery, and products that deliver exceptional engineering, and precision. Relying on both old and new, Cozzolino delivers the best of both worlds. Our completed projects reflect the seamless mix of craftsmanship, engineering, and specialized finishes. On-site installation is approached with the same dedication to excellence that governs all aspects of our work at Cozzolino.

It is impossible to overstate the emphasis we place on the development of a close, positive, and cooperative relationship with a project’s architect, designer, general contractor, and customer. It is a priority to focus our efforts on building positive synergy at the inception of a project and continue this focus until all parties and the ultimate customer are satisfied.