Cozzolino has one of most sophisticated finishing departments available with high-tech equipment and experienced finishers. Cozzolino’s large range of finishing capabilities allows us to utilize the perfect finish for each project and gives Cozzolino an advantage edge over most other shops with more limited proficiencies. Cozzolino uses lacquers, polyurethanes, polyesters and oils, and can easily accomplish both natural clear finishes as well as solid color finishes to achieve the client’s design. Additionally, we achieve many specialty finishes including cerusing, and glazing.

To ensure the finest finish, we use only premium quality finishing chemicals including some of the best Italian finishes. Cozzolino’s finishers use their experience to bring out the natural qualities of veneer and solid wood, and highlight its unique characteristics. We can use our delicate touch to achieve just the right color stain for veneers or solid wood, always keeping clarity of the natural wood as a priority. Additionally, our finishing team is capable of the most exacting color matches for solid color finishes in lacquer, polyurethane, and/or polyester. 

Cozzolino’s extensive finishing experience guarantees that the best products are used for each type of wood. Since woods vary greatly in density, oiliness, pore size, tannins, and grain each different wood requires an experienced finishing team to know how optimally finish it in order to enhance its natural beauty. Our finishing department helps Cozzolino’s projects become a work of art rather than standard cabinetry.