All of Cozzolino’s veneer layups are performed in-house with an artisan’s eye for maximizing the beauty of the wood. Our success with veneer projects start with the acquisition of the perfect veneer. Cozzolino’s extensive relationships with both national and international suppliers give Cozzolino an advantage in locating, selecting, and acquiring the most exquisite wood for our clients. Our 35 years of working with veneer allows us to distinguish the unique characteristics of each wood and select the finest veneer for our clients.

We reliably achieve a designer’s vision for paneling, doors, cabinetry, or other millwork using the most common or dramatic veneers. In addition to achieving gorgeous results with some of the more familiar types of wood species such as oak, maple, and walnut, Cozzolino has completed many spectacular projects using more exotic woods including Fumed Oak, Macassar Ebony, Swirl Mahogany, Madrone Burl, Anigre, and more.   

Our Kuper Splicer supports our craftsmen by facilitating the most precise edge gluing of our veneers. Our in-house 5x10 platen press gives us the exceptional ability to produce specialty laminations on engineered cores such as honeycomb, ultra light substrates, and/or stave cores. Our pressing capabilities also facilitate pressing corian onto engineered cores to become architectural and cabinetry doors.